Welcome to Baggataway Tavern!

A group of friends with Lacrosse and restaurant backgrounds got together in 2005 and purchased Cunningham’s Court and turned it into Baggataway Tavern (“The Bagg” to many). We wanted to create a Tavern that the neighborhood can be proud of and will draw guests from everywhere. In other words, we built this for you and the Baggataway team can’t wait to serve you. We try every day to differentiate ourselves with extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff, great craft beers, artisanal wines, and excellent food. Our guests can enjoy everything we have to offer on Conshohocken’s only real outside deck. Read More

Our Beer Philosophy

We believe that beer is for everyone. We don’t judge other’s taste in beer so our philosophy can be summed up in one phrase, “If you like it, then it is good!” To that end, you can always have a free taste of any beer on tap before choosing a full glass. Your opinion is the only one that matters. We are committed to serving a wide range of styles through scrupulously clean beer lines so our guests can enjoy their favorite beer exactly as it was meant to be served. Stop in, relax, and have a beer…maybe try something new!